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Welcome to the virtual duplicate bridge partnership desk. If you wish to play duplicate bridge in an upcoming event in your area but you do not have a partner, this site will assist you in finding a suitable partner.

Although this is a free service, you must register to use it. All activity on this site is monitored and logged. We will never, ever share your information with anyone (unless required to do so by law), but we do need it for your protection.

We will work very hard to find you a partner. We will go above and beyond what you might expect! To find out more, please click here to read about how it all works.

Here's the Get Me a difference: If your post remains active and unanswered one week before your event, WE WILL EMAIL YOU to remind you that, as far as we know, you have not secured a partner for that event. In that email you will be given an option (a simple link to click) to send an email to your tournament's personnel and give them your particulars. Then their partnership chair will be able to assist you!

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